Last Sunday Dad and I went to look at a steer we sold that is going to the PEI Easter Beef Show and Sale. He certainly changed a lot. Will update on how he does. These guys had some awesome I Am Ledgend and Orange Crush calves as well.

It has been about 50 years since there have been dairy cows on this farm but there's one here now. After a crazy heifer nearly killed her calf and another cow went down, we have two calves to feed. I called around and found a great cow that took to both calves right away.

I am looking for a new camera that takes videos or a video camera that takes stills. There are too many choices out there, any suggestions?

Here are two links to check out:

Frankie MacMaster is a Canadian Angus Association Endorsed processing facility in Antogonish, NS

This is a great idea, pledge your support now!