WORTH-A-BIT BLACKCAP 13X is one of our top replacement females. Every one of her EPDs is well above the breed average, with her birth weight EPD in the top 7% of the breed and yearling weight in the top 20%. Her sire, WORTH-A-BIT IN FOCUS 12U, is currently owned by Ivan Boswall of Dunstaffnage PEI. He sired the Grand Champion Bull at the 2010 St. Mary's Fair and the Reserve Champion in 2011. Her dam, WORTH-A-BIT BLACKCAP 9U, was the pick of our yearlings in 2009 by John Donaldson, former Canadian Angus Association president. She was only a two year old when she raised this sale lot.
The service sire, RED LINDALE SM WALLOP 5X is a LAZY MC SMASH son. He comes from one of the top Red Angus herds in North America and is known for siring outstanding females. WALLOP was bred at the famous Gold Bar Livestock in Ontario. 13X was preg checked safe on September 5/11 at 4.5 months. While feeding 5X for the winter of 2010 for Dale and Linda Lackie of Lindale Angus, we decided to rent him to breed our heifers. His 2011 calves surpassed our expectations and we used him again this past spring.