Monday started off with shipping cattle to Atlantic Beef Products in Albany and the bulls we were boadring for the winter left as well. Thanks to Lindale Angus, Dale and Linda Lackie and Jim MacFarlane for their business. This allowed us to move cattle around in the barn so we could make a pen for our replacement heifers and put a bull in with them to start breeding.

Monday must have been "the official day for visiting the Dixon's" as we had 8 visitors plus the contractor who was putting new windows in Dad's house called up out of the blue and said he was coming. While we were sorting fats, Mom was moving beds and desks by herself!

The last visitor of the day was Sandy MacDonald of Cape Breton who had purchased a bull from us last summer. It was a real surprise and pleasure to see him.

As busy as Monday was, Tuesday was just the opposite, at least for myself as I had finalli cought the flu and never made it out of the house.

The warm spring weather has arrived here very early and on friday I gave my asparagus field a coat of manure and a light dicsing. Asparagus is a perennial crop as some of you may know but in order to allow the spears to come through the ground straight we gently break up the hard soil on the top and mix in the manure. This is three weeks earlier than usual.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that our new herdsire had arrived, no pics yet but here is our "other" new bull!

I tore up the carpet and wanted to put tile around the wood stove. Luckily for me, a new couple moved into the community and he is a tile worker and she is an artist! Wayne and Pearl were very excited about this opportunity and they did a great job!

If anyone has the chance to eat at a Hero's Burger when they are in Ontario, please do, they are a proud supporter of Angus Beef.