We have decided to spice up our purebred entry in the Angus in Action Sale Saturday October 20th. Our original consignment TXE 7Z will now be offered along with two other heifer calves as choice with only one selling and the other two coming back home.

1Z Worth-a-Bit Pride 1Z  Double AA Old Post  x  DD Elevation 127 9440   pedigree here   Jan 1/12

This has been a great calf from day 1. Her dam was purchased in this sale in 2009 and her MVF VRD Dateline daughter who was in dam at time of purchase weaned off a 685 lb Connealy Thunder calf in August (1st calf two year old). Deepest and stylish of the three.

Worth-a-Bit Queedy 7Z      Worth-a-Bit New Frontier x Stockman 365 son   pedigree here.  Jan 16/12

7Z was our original offering and she comes from a very good cow family. Soft made and free moving, she will be a great cow. She has the most muscle and pounds of the three.

Worth-a-Bit Queedy 14Z     HF Torque 171W  x Harmony Hill Abound       pedigree here     Jan 28/12

The first Torque calf to ever be offered for sale!  This calf is moderate framed, sweet fronted and very gentle. She would make a great 4-H project. She comes from the same cow family as TXE 7Z but her dam is a 12 yr old cow that didn't milk well this spring and therefore she is a little behind the other two calves. Lots of potential here.

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