We weaned our bull calves and some steers this week using these nose flaps called "Quiet Wean". The procedure is you put the rings in, leave with the cows for 3-5 days then take the calves away. Stress is greatly reduced as the bond between the pair has time to break. Bawling is almost completely reduced and so far we are satisfied with the results.
Below is the information on the bull calves.

TXE 1A    1/1/13      74 lbs    Soo Line Kodiak 9194        735 lbs        click for pedigree
TXE 2A    1/1/13      65         Red Six Mile Sakic              650             pedigree
TXE 6A    1/14/13    94          HF Torque 171W                675             pedigree
TXE 8A    1/18/13    84          Chico Xplosive 8X              685             pedigree
TXE 11A   1/23/13   90          HF Torque 171W                680             pedigree
TXE 12A   1/28/13   89          HF Torque 171W                650             pedigree