The Dixon Farm in North Tryon was established in 1916 when Reginald and Lottie Dixon purchased this farm and moved their young family from the original Dixon Homestead in DeSable, approximately 10 miles east of this location.

Reg  and Lottie had three children. Sheldon, Vance and Bernice with Vance taking over the farm, Sheldon operating the community store and Bernice marrying and moving to Carleton, PEI.

Vance married Doris Webster and had two sons. Eric and Carl both farmed with their father. It has remained a family operation through the years.

Eric married Heather Harvey and had two children, Tim and Heidi. Tim represents the fourth generation to farm here.

The farm consists of 400 acres and 50 acres rented. A four year rotation is used and consists of soybeans, grains and two years of forage.

60 cows are calved every year with about half being registered Angus and the rest at least 50%.

100 head are finished yearly and marketed to Atlantic Beef Products Inc. in Borden-Carleton, PEI. This is a producer owned plant in which we own shares.

New projects started recently to diversify the farm include asparagus which is marketed to local restaurants and organic beans and grains.

RIGHT:    Doris and Vance Dixon in the early forties.

BELOW:  Tim and Eric Dixon,  Andrew Lawless

            Max Lawless, Heather Dixon, Maeve Lawless, Heidi Lawless and Vance Lawless 

                                    all rights reserved. copyright 2013

Dixon Farm as it appeared in the 1950's 

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